May 13, 2010 Broadcaster At-Large has been changed to The End of Money: a critique of paying, owing and working "for a living." It is the companion website to a book of the same name that Kellia is writing. You can follow us on Twitter as EndofMoney. The Facebook page is The End of Money. Tokkar is building a new web site to showcase his art work ( Some of the older material on this blog will remain if it is germane to the current issues: The failures of money-based economies. The need to deconstruct the memes on which money and working "for a living" are based. How the world can learn to operate without money. How we get there from here seems like the toughest if not an impossible task, but we believe that the toughest task is to get people to understand that we don't need to put up with this unjust monetary system. When a critical mass of people understand that, the answers to how to effect an abolition of money worldwide will come streaming in.

This site is open to people of all countries. We will look into translation engines to help those who don't use English to translate this site and to help those of us who use only English to understand what internationals are saying.

Although we are sympathetic to socialism, we think it has a fatal flaw: it is a money-based system. We invite all here to think beyond the dualism of capitalism and socialism to something(s) beyond.

Are you a content producer who basically agrees with our editorial stance? If you are, you are invited to send your work here for publication. No pay, unfortunately; if we had money to share we'd share it! You are granting us just a non-exclusive, royalty-free license to publish in perpetuity, and you keep all the rest of your rights. We publish here under a Creative Commons By-NC-SA license, meaning that we publish with full attribution to the author-non-commercial-and share alike, meaning others are supposed to use the work on our site on the same basis as we put it up. If you want a different arrangement, please specify that at the time you make your submission and we will put the appropriate copyright notice on your piece. For more information on different types of licenses, go to Creative Commons.

Everyone, regardless of their point of view, is welcome to make comments. The basic guideline is a quote from sports talk show host Jim Rome: "Have a take. Don't suck." We really don't appreciate the people who just call names. If you don't agree with what is said, make an argument for your side. That can make for a lively debate that may draw people to this place. But if you just call names or say we will go to hell, your comments will be deleted. And for the folks who want to praise what we present, please say something more than "I agree". Share an idea or a story, or an eyewitness account or anything else that will state why you agree; a simple "I agree" just takes up bandwidth. If you want to make that kind of statement, please use the email line on the page.

Our publishing your comment or content comes with the explicit understanding that we can use it later in an article, lecture, book, video or any other medium to promote the ideas related to the need to have a moneyless world and how to make the transition. If you want credit for your ideas, be sure we know how to identify you. We believe strongly in giving credit where credit is due. No one person has all the answers to these problems. Again we don't pay for later usage of the idea but you might benefit from its dissemination here, and if you do: Congrats!

You can also help this blog flourish by telling your friends about us, linking us to your site--let us know that you've done that and we'll return the favor--and donating money, if you are one of the fortunate ones who still has a decent job in this terminally bad economy. To be honest with you, we hate asking for money, especially since the purpose of this blog is to aid in the creation of a book about abolishing money. But while we are still in a money economy, we need more of it! And donating is a way that people of means can show some appreciation for the effort it takes to do this. The other ways of making money for this work are more obnoxious than asking for donations: 1) pasting banner ads all over the site, and 2) making TEOM a membership site. Information and opinion on public affairs shouldn't be the preserve of "members" who pay for access to information that everyone should have. Exclusivity is the enemy of democracy. Information for all is its close friend. But while information wants to be free, information workers have bills to pay. So if you like what you see here and have the means, why not share a little? Willingness to share is a quintessential element of a moneyless world. If enough of you gave us the price of a fancy latte or three music downloads a week, we could live decently, spend more time working the site, and feel that what we do has value to others. To those of you who just can't afford it: We Understand! Just tell your friends about us, make comments on the site, and if you like us, tell us so! Nothing is worse than than doing all this work and getting no feedback. It feels like a waste of life energy.