Saturday, October 3, 2009

Legislating Hatred?

The “Stand for Marriage: Maine” group is fighting to preserve their right to hate homosexuals. How else can you explain why they have spent nearly $1 million to rescind the same-sex marriage laws that were put into place in Maine?

And just how much money did they spend in California? Oh, yes…they’re the same group that pushed Proposition 8 through. I bet you didn’t know that, did you? And they’re still based IN California, yet they’re fighting in Maine? The only reason for this is simple…hatred of homosexuals.
Oh, they’ll claim that they only “hate the sin but not the sinner” – I’m sure this notion is a comfort to all of those who are being stripped of their right to the same benefits that heterosexual married couples enjoy, like the right to visit your loved one as they lay dying in the hospital, for example.
Yes, it’s all about “traditional family values” and “protecting the children from indoctrination” and what-not.
And they’ll twist the truth, bend the facts and outright fabricate the news to ensure that they can continue hating, but it’s all “in the name of God”.