Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Katy Perry’s Trailer Trash Talk…Again

Katy Perry First Offended the Lesbians, Then it was the Gays, Now it’s Time to Offend the Transgender Community.

Mmm-yeah. This bitc…um…person again. Katy Perry. Pop star, big breasts, plasticine features, bigot. What’s she done now? Well, click on the link above and find out for yourself just how trashy this white trash singer truly is.

I first heard of Katy Perry with the release of “Hot ‘n’ Cold”, which I thought was a cool song (I still do, actually). Then I looked her up using that ubiquitous tool of the Internet known as “Google”…and found that she is/was a fundamentalist evangelical who has since broken into the pop circuit. This “wholesome” “Christian” (well, except for those nude pics she took of herself in the bathroom…part of that whole Google search thing, just in case you were wondering) seems more and more to espouse everything that makes the Fred Phelps cult what it is, and it keeps becoming more and more apparent with each passing tweet.

Take your pouty lips and your over-mascara’d eyes to Iran, Katy. Your views and politics would blend right in…of course, you’d have to wear a burqa, but hey – since your views have been shining through your eyes for so long now, all of that ugliness has tainted your visage to the point that we wouldn’t mind seeing only black, featureless cloth.